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Nature & Environment

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Rockets & Electronics

We are working towards launching a human being into space, and bringing him safely back to earth.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is a non-profit, amateur based space endeavour, funded entirely by private sponsors and donors. We build suborbital space vehicles – designed to pave the way for manned space flight on a micro size spacecraft, and on a micro size budget.

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The main goal is to launch a manned space vehicle into a suborbital trajectory, reaching a peak altitude beyond the Kármán line 100 km above the surface of Earth, and subsequently landing the spacecraft safely. To fulfil this mission, we design and construct a series of launch vehicles and spacecrafts, as well as the necessary infrastructure to launch, operate and recover the equipment.

The project has a 100% peaceful purpose, and is not in any way involved in carrying explosive, nuclear, biological or chemical payloads.

The entire project is open source, and within the laws of EU-export control, we intend to share all our technical information.

Copenhagen Suborbitals was founded by Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson, and is staffed only by volunteer part time specialists.

Space & Geophysics

ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen’s mission to the International Space Station is called iriss. The name was chosen from over 700 suggestions received from across Europe.

The name combines Iris and the International Space Station ISS. Iris was a Greek goddess, the messenger of the gods of Olympus and the personification of the rainbow. As messenger, she represents the link between humanity and the cosmos, and between the heavens and Earth.

ESA - Andreas Mogensen

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